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Magazin online de trenulete electrice, modele de colectie, accesorii pentru trenulete si machete. Modele si machete la comanda.

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Epoch IV - green paint - CFR passenger cars, type Y:

Available from, 20th of June, 2024.

pre-orders open!

New models of LDH 1250 type diesel-hydraulic locomotive 
CFR/CFR Calatori:

Now in stock!

Sleeping coach type S2,
CIWL (Romania/France):

pre-orders open!

Flat type Rgs wagons, CFR Marfa / MAV
2024 new construction:

Now in stock!

Gas/Gasfwv type wagons, CFR, ep. III-IV
news 2024:

Now in stock!

Self unloading hopper wagons, MAV/ CFR Marfa/ Pkp:

Sliding tarpaulin wagon, CFR Marfa (Roco),
new production, H0 scale:

Now in stock!

Grain hopper wagons, MAV/CFR,
new production 2024:


Class 140.400/140.500 CFR steam locomotive,

epoch II/III, H0 scale:

now in stock!

LDH 1250 type diesel-hydraulic locomotive
CFR/CFR Calatori:

now in stock!


Eacs type open wagons, MAV / CFR Marfa:


Siemens Desiro, CFR Calatori, H0 scale.

now in stock!

Electric locomotive 151 036-1, DB

1525.00 Lei
1450.00 Lei
Salvati: 75.00 Lei

Electric locomotive 151 070-0, DB AG

1525.00 Lei
1325.00 Lei
Salvati: 200.00 Lei

Tank wagon, Wascosa

170.00 Lei
130.00 Lei
Salvati: 40.00 Lei

Tank car K2 "Bommerlunder" of the DRG

320.00 Lei
290.00 Lei
Salvati: 30.00 Lei

Diesel locomotive 2M62, RZD

3050.00 Lei

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